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Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability is the general engineering art of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture - the tool to reduce cost and increase reliability. The design stage is very importnat in product design and utilizing uRMF's Design for Manufacturability services will ensure quality, eliminate iterative design, and overall improve time to market for your product.

The purpose of designing a part for manufacturing is to improve the product along three dimensions: quality, delivery, and cost. Utilizing sounds DFM practices will ensure quality, reduce delivery lead-times and provide a reduction in the product cost by carefully selecting the best component for your application. In this day of global competition where cost, quality and speed to market are the key to a successful product, too often we witness very simple mistakes that are costly for our customers that could have been easily corrected during the design stage.

Common Errors

•  Missing or invalid manufacturing part numbers
•  Selection of components that are at the end of life or not available through distributors
•  No allowances for alternates on components
•  Selection of components that cannot withstand process temperatures
•  The design requires unnecessary "extra" manual assembly effort
•  Distance between PTH and SMT components is inadequate
•  Connectors or other components too close to overhanging edge of board
•  Incorrect pad size for the part geometry
•  PCB specifications not adequately detailed (e.g. board material, thickness)
•  PCB layout provides poor access for testing
•  PCB via holes and board pad proximity too close
•  Pin spacing on PTH components wrong for machine placement
•  PTH holes incorrectly sized for the part

µRMF DFM support services result in a PCB that has the right industrial design rules, the right material that is in line with the application requirements, and is in line with the standard process capabilities of our state-of-the-art PCB factory.

Inquiries and Quotes

If you have a design in mind, or you have Gerber files ready to be sent to manufacturing, send them to us so we can ensure an optimized design for our manufacturing department. We will respond with feedback and a quotation on fabricating your boards with us. Send your files to We will process your quotation in as little as 24 hours!