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Industrial Design

Industrial design contributes greatly to the success of our clients products and projects. Throughout these projects, industrial design optimizes critical product characteristics such as functionality, ergonomics, material selection, process selection and aesthetic features. While your invention may meet your unique needs, selling a product designed for use to the general public can severely limit your options. Almost every product on the market uses an industrial designer to refine product design concepts, identify consumer requirements, increase market value and enhance visual appeal.
For most of our customers, timing to launch their product to the market is critical. Whether they need to introduce their product on a sales pitch, present their idea to a board of directors, or any other deadline, we will prepare an adequate project plan and schedules to meet their target dates. Additionally we implement numerous strategies to minimize risks and deal with uncertainties as they arise during project execution. We support and have adequate staff in order to provide additional design time outside of regular business hours as required by our customers.

Our Industrial Design Gallery

Our Industrial Design Services Include:

•  Design requirements briefing
•  Design sketching to explore many alternative concepts
•  Design product image renderings and animations
•  Product and corporate brand creation and on-product presentation
•  Ergonomics and human factors knowledge integration
•  Part - materials, color, and surface specifications
•  Visual material creation for presentations and business plans

Inquiries and Quotes

If you have a sketched design concept in its preliminary stage, or a mature design in the form of a 3D CAD file, send us what you have to get started on completing your design and fabricating your product. To obtain a quotation, send us your sketch or CAD files to We will process your quotation in as little as 48 hours!