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PCB Panelization

PCB panelization can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and achieve higher part per panel yields. It is important to understand that printed circuit boards are priced “per panel” so our customers cost is directly tied to the number of pieces that can be produced on each panel. Utilize our PCB panelization services early in your product design stage to ensure that you have optimized your PCB manufacturing panels.

While the predominant driver of PCB manufacturing costs is its designed-in features, efficient use of the panel through PCB panelization also impacts your per-piece price. Unless your board requires special processing or has a very complex and large shape, it will generally have many other PCB's on the same panel in order to maximize efficiency, reduce manufacturing times, and minimize waste. In addition, after NRE (non-recurring engineering or one time set-up) charges are completed, our customers are simply charged per panel. By understanding this method and utilizing PCB panelization, it is easy to see how the more PCB's you can fit onto one panel, the less the cost per PCB.

Our Team

µRMF has state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified staff which allows us to offer PCB panelization services for our customers. Most of our clients request this service prior to going to production in order to reduce per part costs and manufacturing time. We provide circuit board panelization services primarily for prototype and low to medium production volumes, however if you have unique quantity requirements feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.
Many of our customers regularly utilize our PCB panelization services as we strive to fulfill all of their requirements with aggressive timelines and superior quality. Our team carefully reviews your needs and will provide feedback on the maximum board panel size as well as the parts per panel. Our engineers can offer maximum circuit board panel size up to 30.0" x 44.0". Additionally, you can consult with our team regarding panel file requirements for PCB fabrication in our factory.

µRMF’s experienced staff is well-equipped to panelize your PCB free of charge when you request our PCB fabrication services. If you prefer to provide your own panelized file for our fabrication team, then we still need to review panel borders, clearance between circuit boards, identify mechanical strength and stability (the panel must be built such that it can withstand all handling and manufacturing procedures throughout the circuit board production, shipment and PCB parts population). If you still have questions regarding the specific requirements, you can coordinate with our team for further inquiries.

You can reach us at with your issues and we will engage our most experienced staff to help provide solutions for your panelization requirements.