Company Overview

µRMF Inc. is an engineering Canadian design house that provides electronics value-added engineering services such as design consultation, schematic design, layout, parts sourcing, library component creation, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), PCB panelization, PCB fabrication, machine and hand placement assembly, wire harness/cabling, as well as industrial design and 3D printing. Our niche market is rapid prototyping with a turnaround time as low as 3 days on fabrication of FR4 technology, and less than 1 week for a fully populated hand-placed PCB. We also support small to medium sized production builds for a wide range of applications. Moreover, we provide professional certification services and pre-compliance assessment. Think of us as a one-stop shop for all your electromechanical needs.

Mission Statement

µRMF is committed to bringing the highest quality of Engineering Value-Added services (parts procurement, library component creation, schematic entry, layout, design for manufacturability, PCB panelization, PCB fabrication, manual and automatic PCB placement) at the lowest cost for our customers. Through our experienced and innovative engineers and designers, we offer unparalleled rapid prototyping and product design services.

Customer Focus

The foundation of everything we do is centered on achieving total customer success. We are committed to delivering products and services that make our customers thrive. This means overcoming challenges, delivering on-time, and making decisions that contribute to a positive outcome for our customers.

Excellence and Accountability

We see excellence as a path of continuous improvement, constantly embracing change in order to challenge and improve our processes. Excellence also means striving to attain the highest professional performance, delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected.

Honesty and Integrity

Trust and integrity are the core values that our organization operates upon. As a professional organization we must mean what we say, and there must be trust internally in order for the organization to survive. We believe that as a company we have moral obligations as well as commercial ones to obtain the full trust of our colleagues and customers. This is built carefully over time, as a result of continuously performing acts of integrity.

Building Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are built upon trust, honesty, and continuous customer satisfaction. We listen and respond to the needs of our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their requirements. Our success is measured by our customer’s success.

Working Environment

We strive to create a working environment for our employees that promotes personal achievement and continuous self-improvement. Employees are encouraged to express their opinions on how to maintain a high degree of employee morale, and continuously improve the performance of the company.

Leadership and Teamwork

The best solutions come from working together with colleagues and customers. Our leadership is founded on talented employees, leading through competence, creativity, and teamwork. We support and empower each other by sharing knowledge and leveraging each others’ skills. We recognize that cooperation and open communications are essential to fulfilling our vision and serving our clients effectively.