Business Conduct

Our business conduct is centered on having the most talented employees world wide, and leveraging their skill sets to allow them to excel at their positions. We are strong believers in this culture and over the years we have identified how optimistic and hard working our employees are, and how they have helped to maintain this mindset and culture in the company, positively influencing others around them. We see this culture not only in our employees but also in the customer’s that we serve, creating a positive and effective working environment. Our company culture is expected by all employees, and is fomalized during our new employee welcome week and training sessions.

We pride ourselves in being innovative, flexible, open and empowering, and we practice these values in our day-to-day business within the organization as well as externally with our customers. Take a look at our Company Overview to see our Mission Statement, which outlines the most important values that create the foundation of our company culture. We believe that by empowering our employees to help them excel and believe in what they are doing, they will naturally make the best decisions for the business.

In all cases, our business decisions must strive to be aligned with the highest degree of professional business ethics. We have an obligation to our shareholders, and to each other, to conduct business lawfully and with the utmost integrity – you only need to employ this one essential principle: “do the right thing”.