Our Culture

We encourage our employees to communicate respectfully, openly and honestly with one another, including supervisors and upper management. In our continuous effort to strive to be a global leader, we encourage each and every employees opinion, question and concern to allow them to excel in their careers.

Employee Culture

Our employees share a common set of values and behaviors that influence how we perform our work, the decisions and products we design and deliver, the actions we execute towards others, and our commitment to our customers. We expect our employees to carry a questioning attitude, validate assumptions, always think outside of the box, and take initiative to solve our customer’s issues. We work in a challenging and fast-paced environment, where innovative thinking and risk-taking are a part of every day activities at work. We abide by all health & safety rules applicable to our workplaces, and encourage a work environment that is harassment free. Employees in our various work locations all play an active role in their surrounding communities through volunteering and raising funds for charitable gains, including holding toy drives, donating a portion of their salaries to victims of naturals causes, food drives, as well as helping elderly with yard work. We have a commitment to act socially responsible both as a company and as local citizens, ensuring a safe working environment and uniform treatment towards all of our employees.

•  People are our most important asset
•  Strong leadership that model the behaviors they wish exhibited by everyone
•  Safety is a top priority for us, it is a way of living, not just working
•  Employee recognition and appreciation through our reward programs
•  Growth oriented company
•  State-of-the-art tools that promote top employee performance

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

We offer equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals without regard to their age, gender, race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other factor not related to job performance. We seek diversity of skills, talents, experience and previous employment of our employees and we encourage it in all areas of our company. We encourage and support self-learning through individual assistance programs from our learning and development department.